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Precision Electroformed Optics

Electroformed Optics

Electroforming is a versatile manufacturing technique used to produce precision optical components.

Based on the principles of electrochemistry, electroforming is essentially a specialized form of electroplating that allows a high degree of control, precision and reliability. The process of electroforming entails preparation of a suitable mandrel and placing it in an electroplating bath. Nickel or other metals are deposited on the mandrel by electrochemical deposition. The outer surface of the mandrel forms the inner surface of the form. The surface of the finished part  is rendered in fine detail with respect to the original.

Based on the principles of electrochemistry electroforming is essentially a specialized form of electroplating that allows a high degree of control, precision and reliability.

Standard Optical Components

Let's Talk About Enhancing Your Optical Components

Let's Talk About Enhancing Your Optical Components

Electroforming Capabilities

Electroforming allows Optiforms to consistently replicate complex forms using a single master tool. With both reusable and disposable mandrels, and materials such as nickel and copper, we accurately replicate thin or thick walled substrates, as well as single or multi-layered substrates at a substantial cost saving over other conventional manufacturing methods.

Electroformed-Reflectors Electroformed off-axis parabolic reflector Electroformed-Coldshields Optical-Electroforming electrodeposition
Benefits of Electroforming over other manufacturing techniques:
  • Low Cost Per Part - Exact Replicas
  • Precise reproduction of surface detail
    • Optical Accuracy to ±2 Arc Minutes Slope
  • Production of complex shaped components
  • Production of thin walled components
    • Thickness Ranging 0.001 inch to 0.25 inch
  • Extensive range of manufactured sizes
    • Capable of electroforming components as large as 36 inches in diameter
  • 66 Electroforming cells to help meet customers demands
  • ISO 9001 compliant

Why Optiforms

Quality Craftsmanship

Modern manufacturing facility, leading edge technology, and ISO 9001 certified processes underline our commitment to engineering precision components to spec.

Solution-Oriented Partners

We take a personal, partnership approach to overcoming your optical challenges and developing custom build-to-order components.


With over 30 years developing precision optical components in multiple industries, our optical specialists take an educational approach to solving your challenges.


Our modern manufacturing facility includes 60+ electroforming cells and multiple vacuum chambers to meet limited to large scale production runs.

Optiforms Proudly Serves:

Aerospace & Defense
UV & Semiconductor
Specialty Lighting