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Precision metal components & Enhanced Surface Finishes for high precision applications across the world

Optiforms optical components are found in medical and dental devices, aeronautics and aerospace systems, safety detection devices, point of sale displays, semiconductor wafer systems and specialty lighting ranging from entertainment to search to architectural applications.

Optiforms  has extensive experience in directing light energy across many applications. We are experts in radiant energy systems, electro-optical and electro-mechanical systems, low mass cold shields, unique electroformed structural shapes as well as enhanced spectral performance coatings. Our thin film laboratory has been a leader in vacuum deposition surface enhancement coatings where maximum performance is a priority.

We are ISO 9001 and ITAR certified. We have the resources and expertise to provide the solutions designers and engineers need to manufacture their products better, faster, and more affordably whether a one off prototype or hundreds of units per month.

Industries We Proudly Serve:

Aerospace and Defense

Optiforms has served the Aerospace and Defense sector for several decades. From search light reflectors for surveillance helicopters, to covert filters for long-range IR light sources or cold shield housings for high definition IR imaging systems, attention to detail comes first at Optiforms.

Whether prototypes or production runs, our engineers will turn your design concept into a manufactured reality. You receive the quality, accuracy, and on-time delivery that sets Optiforms apart from its competitors.

Products Include:

  • Search Light Reflectors
  • Covert Filters
  • Infrared Imaging Components
  • Cold Shields
  • Radiation Shields


If your application uses a mirror to achieve high-resolution imaging or directed radiation, Optiforms has the experience and capabilities to engineer a suitable solution.

With applications ranging from retinal imaging, teeth whitening and hair removal systems, we count some of the leading medical device manufacturers in North America and Europe among our customers.

Products Include:

  • Condensers For Teeth Whitening
  • Condensers For Laser Hair Removal
  • Reflectors For retinal scanning
  • Dental Digital Imaging
  • Reflectors For Health And Well-Being (Vitamin D Deficiency)

UV and Semiconductor

Optiforms reflectors and filters can take light generated by a single point light source or linear lamp and control its path and bandwidth to the material to cure.

Our thin film coatings sort out unwanted IR light to help keep resins from boiling or burning during exposure. Customers report increased operating hours and a resultant decrease in service using our metal reflectors over an equivalent glass or untreated aluminum reflectors.

We can also refurbish and restore many other flat and curved surface reflectors used in lithography equipment around the world.

Products Include:

  • Reflectors For UV Curing Systems
  • Troughs For SemiConductor Systems
  • Optical Coatings For UV Applications

Specialty Lighting

With over three decades of technical advancements in high power lighting components, Optiforms is the industry leader for large surface of revolution reflectors.

Incorporating mounting features and high-tech, high-temperature coatings are just a few of the processes that set us apart from other suppliers.

We offer a wide variety of standard components and coatings along with the engineering support for projects with more precise tolerances. From the Eiffel Tower to the Twin Tower Monument, Optiforms is the reflector of choice.

Products Include:

  • Reflectors For Stage Lighting
  • Optical Coatings To Optimize Performance
  • Special Events Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Our Optical Coatings Will Maximize Performance


Optiforms, Inc. manufactures components used in a number of industrial applications ranging from safety equipment in Mining and Oil & Gas Refinery industries, to automated systems reading the mold code on glass bottles in the Beverage industry.

Products Include:

  • Water Purification
  • Gas Analyzers And Detectors
  • Particle Counters
  • Microbial Sampling
  • Solar Simulator Research And Development
  • Reflectometers And Emissometers

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We can answer any questions you may have through your preferred communication channel.

We are here to assist you!
We can answer any questions you may have through your preferred communication channel.

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