Enhanced Visible Rhodium

Optiforms Enhanced Visible Rhodium thin film optical coatings are optimized to exceed your desired performance.

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Optiforms Enhanced Visible Rhodium Thin Film Optical Coatings

Benefits of Rhodium coatings

For years Rhodium has been the standard electrodeposition plating applied over electroformed nickel reflectors and components. Of all the platinum family metals, Rhodium is considered the best for resistance to corrosion and tarnish. As a protective coating, rhodium virtually eliminates any chance of surface discoloring even when exposed to extreme environmental conditions under normal temperatures. For these reasons, rhodium is beneficial as finished plating over electroformed nickel when used in conditions consisting of heavy humidity, saltwater, corrosives, as well as many other extreme environments.

Why Enhanced Visible Rhodium (EVR) platings?

Optiforms has now taken this a step further with developing a state of the art optical thin film coating that increases both overall reflectivity and durability. When we apply our proprietary EVR coating over the reflective rhodium surfaces, we enhance the reflectivity of the Rhodium from approximately 73% reflectivity to almost 90% reflectivity across the visible spectrum.
The benefits of the EVR coatings are the reflective characteristics of an aluminum coating, throughout the visible spectrum, with the added benefit of the durability and corrosion resistance associated with electrodeposited rhodium for both high and low temperature applications.

Applications for EVR coatings:
  • Helicopter Searchlights
  • Handheld Searchlights
  • Marine Environments
  • Outdoor concert and event lighting
  • Architectural lighting