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Enhanced Nickel (EN) for UV Reflectivity Graph

Optiforms Enhanced Nickel (EN) thin film optical coatings are proven to out-perform industry standard coatings in thermal testing results.

Enhanced Nickel (EN) Reflectivity
Enhanced Nickel (EN) Reflectivity Graph

Performance: Optimized for the “I, H and G” UV bands where high reflectance (around 95%). The reflectance bandwidth is a function of the central wavelength and can be specified for 250 nm or longer; centered at 365nm.
Base Coat: Electrodeposited Nickel
Over Coat: Vacuum Deposited Over Coat

Optiforms Enhanced Nickel (EN) for UV Thin Film Optical Coatings

This coating is used where ultraviolet reflectivity is desired.

A dielectric stack is applied over bare nickel substrate to increase reflectivity in ultraviolet wavelengths.