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World Leader In Electroformed Optics, Deep-Dish Optical Coatings, And Infrared Imaging Components

We believe in harnessing light energy

For over 30 years Optiforms has crafted precise electroformed optical components to the lighting, aerospace, military, industrial and opto-electronics markets.
Our mission is to provide the best products and services possible for customers seeking precision optical components that deliver the highest levels of performance and quality.
Electroformed Assemblies
Optical Electroforming Reflectors Parabolic Mirrors

Precision Electroforming

Reflectors | Assemblies | Structures

Optiforms has extensive experience in radiant energy systems, electro-optical and electro-mechanical systems, low mass cold shields, unique electroformed structural shapes as well as enhanced spectral performance coatings.
Optical Electroforming Reflectors Parabolic Mirrors
Parabolic Mirrors
Electroformed Spherical Reflector
Off-axis Elliptical Mirror
Electro-optical Reflector

Optical Coatings

Thin Film Optical Coatings

For over 15 years Optiforms has been providing a multitude of industries with exceptional vacuum deposited thin film optical coatings.
Our thin film laboratory has been a leader in vacuum deposition surface enhancement coatings where maximum performance is a priority.
Vacuum Coatings
Optical Coatings Reflectivity Graphs
Thin Film Coatings
IR Cold Shields

IR Imaging

Cold Shields | Radiation Shields | Low Mass Structures

Optiforms experience in electroforming enables us to manufacture high quality coldshields, radiation shields, and low mass structures to customer specifications.
Cold Shields
Infrared Radiation Shield
Thermal Radiation Shield
IR Thermal Shield

Our Advantage

High Speed CNC Machining.
Electro-Discharge Machining
Multiple Plating Processes
Vacuum Coating

Rapid Prototyping

Portable CMM
Optical Video Inspection Equipment