Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC)

Parabolic Reflector Diagram
Compound Parabolic Concentrator Diagram

Electroformed CPCs increase the efficiency of wave energy collection and concentration.

  • Collimates a Light Source or Concentrates Light from Distant Sources
  • Applications Include: Solar Energy Collection, Fiber Optics, Biomedical, Defense Research
  • Surface Enhancements: Electro-deposited Platings

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Input (mm)Input (in)Output (mm)Output (in)I/O RatioAcceptance angle (±θ, degrees, as measured from vertical axis) Acceptance angle total (2θ, degrees) Length (mm)Length (in)

Optiforms Custom Compound Parabolic Concentrators

Optiforms fabricates hollow CPC’s using electroforming technology. The substrate would be Nickel with a specular internal surface. The advantage to this is that the light energy does not need to pass through the surfaces of glass upon entrance and exit.

CPCs are commonly used in solar energy collection, fiber optics, biomedical and defense research, or other applications that require condensing of divergent light sources. These non-imaging components concentrate light rays that are not necessarily parallel nor aligned with the axis of the concentrator. Optiforms manufactures compound parabolic concentrators to your desired specification.

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Electroforming Process

The electroforming manufacturing method generates an exact copy via replication in metal (typically nickel) of a master mandrel by a process called electrodeposition. Specific benefits of electroforming are low unit costs, exact atomic scale, repeatability and excellent process control for quality. Often times the design engineer will find electroforming is preferred for many applications requiring a complex true geometric shape form factor, thin walls, and high repeatability.

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