Proper Handling of Optical Reflectors

Optiforms manufactures high precision optical reflectors and vacuum coatings.

Today's precise optical performance can be affected by the improper care and handling of reflectors. Parts must be handled accordingly to ensure that your reflectors continue to have excellent performance for the life of the reflector.   Improper handling of the reflector can cause distortion, ablation and loss of light.

Nickel reflective optics are durable but as with all optics, care should be taken to prevent damage to the optical surface.

  • Never touch the surface of any optic without gloves. The oils from your fingertips may damage the surface and its coatings.
  • Never stack reflectors, the reflective surface may be damaged.
  • Never handle in such a way that can bend a reflector.
  • Do not drop a reflector.
  • If a reflector needs cleaning, be sure to use the proper procedures for the specific coating applied to the reflector. Improper cleaning procedures can damage optical thin film coatings.